Chris Cunan


Tom Wilson

President & Owner

TWA strives to stay on the forefront of design trends, as well as cutting edge technology and solutions. The firm employs the latest CAD drafting technology and engages with high tech building materials and sustainable practices. 

Our team is led by Tom Wilson, President and Owner of TWA. With over 25 years of experience designing and developing commercial projects in the San Francisco bay area, Tom aligns his passion for design and technology with his proven expertise in bureaucracy of permitting. His philosophy of always delivering “added value” to his clients has been a huge factor to his success over the years.

“Anyone can draw a building, but it is the nuances of dealing with the regulatory agencies, building contractors and providing a high level of service for a fair price that has kept me in business for the past 25 years.” – Tom Wilson, Owner, TWA

In addition, based on his connections to the commercial real estate broker and developer market in the San Francisco bay area, Tom is able to bring together his clients with similar interests. TWA works with developers on one side, while also working with corporate tenants, this understanding the sometimes opposing goal with regards to economics.

Tom was inspired to become an architect while working with his father and grandfather building a cabin in the mountains of Colorado. With this goal in mind, he graduated from Arizona State University in 1995 with a concentration in architecture, and has worked in development, construction and architectural design ever since. 

Who We Are

TWA Architecture is home to a diverse group of very experienced and talented individuals. Combined, our staff have over 250 years of

deep-rooted knowledge and experience in the field. Our team roles consist of: licensed architect, designer, project management, surveyor, drafting and construction administration.