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Jacobs Residence

This house will be the first LEED-certified home in Solano County

This house has been designed with the latest green technology including:

ICF Foundation - Insulated Concrete forms were used to form the basement walls and foundation for the house. This unique system uses 2-1/2" styrofoam panels on either side of the 8" reinforced concrete wall which both eliminates the need for wood forms, and provides an insulation R-value of approximately 23.
SIP Walls & Roof - this pre-fabricated panel system is being used in lieu of the typical wood stud and joist framing. In addition to reducing waste, the panels provide thermal insulation with an R-value of 22. The panels are fabricated at the factory in Reno, and shipped to the site where they are fastened together on-site.
Rainwater Harvesting - all rain gutters and surface drainage will be diverted to a cistern located under the driveway, and will be used for landscape irrigation. The driveway has been designed with "grass-pave" permeable paving which will allow rainwater to filter through to the natural aquifer, and not run off the site to City storm sewers. ALL of the rain water that enters the site will be used on the site...there will be no runoff.
Native/Drought-tolerant Landscaping - the landscape material will use only native plants which are drought-tolerant. The irrigation will be comprised of drip systems that will conserve large amounts of water over the life of the home.
Ultra Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures - the showers, toilets and sinks will use 20% less water than required by the latest CAL Green standards, and the washing machine water will flow to a "gray water" tank that will be used for landscaping.
Thermal PV (PhotoVoltaic) Panels will be located on the roof to provide both electricaity AND hot water. Water will be routed trhough the panles and stored in a tank in the basement, where it will be used in the water heating system to reduce the amount of energy required to heat it up. In additon, these panels will provide about 30% of the energy for the home.
Radiant Floor Heating System - the heating for the house will consist of flash heaters (not hot water tanks) which will circulate hot water through a series of plastic tubing in th efloors to provide radiant heat during the cold months. No forced air heating or cooling will be used in this house.
The house is being constructed by a local contractor, Patrick Donaghue, who has experience with "green houses", and can be viewed at
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