Tom Wilson Architect


Tom was inspired to become an Architect while working with his father and grandfather building a cabin in the mountains of Colorado. This combined with his love of drawing led him to this honorable profession. New technologies including CAD drafting, high tech materials and sustainable practices have enhanced the experience.

Below is a picture of the newly renovated Empress Theater in Vallejo, CA.
TWA has relationships with several corporate chains including Quik Stop Gas & Food Markets.
Tom Wilson graduated from Arizona State University (AKA the "Harvard of the West" in 1985, and has worked in development, construction and architectural design ever since.
His philosphy of "added value" has been a huge part of his success over the years. Anyone can draw a building, but it is the nuances of dealing with the regulatory agencies, building contractors and providing a high level of service for a fair price that has kept him in business for the past 25 years.
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